Takeoff over NYC

On my way back to Pittsburgh from a shoot in Miami I decided to put the new GoPro through its paces and shoot a time lapse from the Sky Lounge. Then I realized that the departing runway at LGA was 31 which affords one of the best views on departure. So naturally I steadied my hand and went for it. Overall not too shabby, there was a fair bit of turbulence on take off so it translated into a significant amount of camera shake. With a bit of editing and Premiere Pro Warp Stabilizer it appears to be less noticeable.

You might recognize the cutaway of the exterior of the aircraft from the LoadFactor show intro. I actually shot that from Flushing a few years back at the FFP Spring Event. So in a way it’s accurate, because that aircraft also departed from LGA.

About The Author
- Roger is an internationally recognized expert on airline loyalty, alliances and ancillary revenues. He commands a consulting portfolio of top airlines and Forture 500 companies. Roger is also a professional photographer and cinematographer and works as a photojournalist for LoadFactor TV.