Spirit’s ‘State of Hate’ Airline Survey

Bring on the hate…

Results from the survey reveal that air travelers are most upset about airline seats (20%), followed by lost bags (16%), delays (15%) and service (15%). An apparent turnaround from a few year ago when the a-la-carte pricing model emerged, fees came in fifth place (12%).

Spirit doesn’t get most of the blame in its own survey. Southwest Airlines gets the most complaints about seats (36%), followed by United Airlines’ service (22%), American Airlines-owned US Airways’ delays (22%), Spirit’s fees (18%) and Delta Air Lines’ costs (11%).

“Airlines mess up, and air travelers get frustrated,” Baldanza said. “The feedback we received makes it clear no airline is immune from upsetting their customers, and at Spirit, we can do a better job of explaining how flying with us is different.”

Spirit has always maintained that customers pay for what they want on their flight, and don’t pay for what you don’t want. The airline’s new ‘This is Spirit 101’ campaign shares the details of how to reduce those fees, including paying for checked luggage from home and printing your boarding pass at home.

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