The Onion satirizes airline loyalty – Southwest Airlines

Purveyors of American news satire The Onion poke fun at recent changes in several airline loyalty programs by targeting one non-conformist airline, Southwest. Delivered in a parody news sketch The Onion released a video entitled “Southwest Airlines Rolls Out New ‘Loyalty Goes Both Ways’ Campaign”. The Onion claims that while Southwest is proud to have the most loyal customers in the business, it’s time to find out what their customers are willing to do for them.

The bit is absolutely hilarious and is overtly given away at the end with an unconventional (so called) direct quote from the airline’s CEO Gary Kelly. For an airline that has maintained that the customer is “not always right”, the mock report does pose some interesting questions on customer satisfaction and loyalty verses corporate priorities. Well, maybe I’m just over thinking it, just watch and enjoy!

About The Author
- Roger is an internationally recognized expert on airline loyalty, alliances and ancillary revenues. He commands a consulting portfolio of top airlines and Forture 500 companies. Roger is also a professional photographer and cinematographer and works as a photojournalist for LoadFactor TV.