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The complete transcript of communications between the pilots of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 and Kuala Lumpur air traffic control have been released today by Malaysia’s defense and transportation department. The delay in releasing the transcript caused suspicion among some international observers, apparently ignoring the fact that the transcripts were part of an active Malaysian police investigation. The transcript reveals nothing out of the ordinary and appears to be routine.

Allegedly, the Malaysian police are still working to confirm that the voice which signed off at the cessation of the flight’s communications, is indeed that of the co-pilot as Malaysia Airlines had stated previously.

MH370, a Boeing 777-200 with 239 people on board, disappeared March 8 on a routine flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The search for the aircraft continues.

The communications transcript of the aircraft is as follows:

MAS 370 (Kuala Lumpur to Beijing)


Departure from KLIA: 8 March 2014


12:25:53 MAS 370 Delivery MAS 370 Good Morning

12:26:02 ATC MAS 370 Standby and Malaysia Six is cleared to Frankfurt

via AGOSA Alpha Departure six thousand feet squawk two

one zero six

12:26:19 ATC … MAS 370 request level

12:26:21 MAS 370 MAS 370 we are ready requesting flight level three five zero

to Beijing

12:26:39 ATC MAS 370 is cleared to Beijing via PIBOS A Departure Six

Thousand Feet squawk two one five seven

12:26:45 MAS 370 Beijing PIBOS A Six Thousand Squawk two one five seven,

MAS 370 Thank You

12:26:53 ATC MAS 370 Welcome over to ground

12:26:55 MAS 370 Good Day


12:27:27 MAS 370 Ground MAS370 Good morning Charlie One Requesting push

and start

12:27:34 ATC MAS370 Lumpur Ground Morning Push back and start

approved Runway 32 Right Exit via Sierra 4.

12:27:40 MAS 370 Push back and start approved 32 Right Exit via Sierra 4 POB

239 Mike Romeo Oscar

12:27:45 ATC Copied

12:32:13 MAS 370 MAS377 request taxi.

12:32:26 ATC MAS37….. (garbled) … standard route. Hold short Bravo

12:32:30 MAS 370 Ground, MAS370. You are unreadable. Say again.

12:32:38 ATC MAS370 taxi to holding point Alfa 11 Runway 32 Right via

standard route. Hold short of Bravo.

12:32:42 MAS 370 Alfa 11 Standard route Hold short Bravo MAS370.

12:35:53 ATC MAS 370 Tower

12:36:19 ATC (garbled) … Tower … (garbled)

MAS 370 1188 MAS370 Thank you


12:36:30 MAS 370 Tower MAS370 Morning

12:36:38 ATC MAS370 good morning. Lumpur Tower. Holding point..

[garbled]..10 32 Right

12:36:50 MAS 370 Alfa 10 MAS370

12:38:43 ATC 370 line up 32 Right Alfa 10.

MAS 370 Line up 32 Right Alfa 10 MAS370.

12:40:38 ATC 370 32 Right Cleared for take-off. Good night.

MAS 370 32 Right Cleared for take-off MAS370. Thank you Bye.


12:42:05 MAS 370 Departure Malaysian Three Seven Zero

12:42:10 ATC Malaysian Three Seven Zero selamat pagi identified. Climb

flight level one eight zero cancel SID turn right direct to


12:42:48 MAS 370 Okay level one eight zero direct IGARI Malaysian one err

Three Seven Zero

12:42:52 ATC Malaysian Three Seven Zero contact Lumpur Radar One

Three Two Six good night

MAS 370 Night One Three Two Six Malaysian Three Seven Zero


12:46:51 MAS 370 Lumpur Control Malaysian Three Seven Zero

12:46:51 ATC Malaysian Three Seven Zero Lumpur radar Good Morning

climb flight level two five zero

12:46:54 MAS370 Morning level two five zero Malaysian Three Seven Zero

12:50:06 ATC Malaysian Three Seven Zero climb flight level three five zero

12:50:09 MAS370 Flight level three five zero Malaysian Three Seven Zero

01:01:14 MAS370 Malaysian Three Seven Zero maintaining level three five zero

01:01:19 ATC Malaysian Three Seven Zero

01:07:55 MAS370 Malaysian…Three Seven Zero maintaining level three five


01:08:00 ATC Malaysian Three Seven Zero

01:19:24 ATC Malaysian Three Seven Zero contact Ho Chi Minh 120

decimal 9 Good Night

01:19:29 MAS370 Good Night Malaysian Three Seven Zero

[End of transcript]

Malaysia releases MH370 comms transcript

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