Got points? Shop online with your local retailer – LRG Rewards

The concept of online malls where customers can shop with their loyalty points has been around for some time. However, recently, a new breed of providers have tacked the most persistent challenges with third party redemptions. Ron Benegbi, president of LRG Rewards goes as far to call their own proprietary process “magical”, where in fact, LRG has managed to process redemptions on any e-commerce website without any type of integration.¬†This is a big deal folks!

Ron might have been channeling his best Steve Jobs when he described the process as magical, but after attending LRG’s live demo at Loyalty 2014 in Seattle, Ron’s exuberance was not that far off base. LRG has developed two methods for redemption that can be setup rapidly with virtually any e-commerce provider in the world. What is truly impressive is that they have crafted a common check out facility that will finalize a points-based transaction as quickly as a normal credit card transaction.

About The Author
- Roger is an internationally recognized expert on airline loyalty, alliances and ancillary revenues. He commands a consulting portfolio of top airlines and Forture 500 companies. Roger is also a professional photographer and cinematographer and works as a photojournalist for LoadFactor TV.