LRG Rewards Announces ‘Dash’ Mobile Strategy

Introducing LRG Rewards Dash

LRG Rewards president Ron Benegbi joined us last year on LoadFactor TV revealing the company’s “Local Redemption Globally” platform that Ron referred to as “magical”, where LRG has managed to process redemptions on any e-commerce website without any type of integration.

Having conquered 100% compatibility for any eCommerce website in the world. Now the Toronto-based reward facilitator has announced their new mobile app called Dash and an interesting device (currently in Beta) called DashPass, a refreshing mobile approach that will allow customers to redeem for products and services using their loyalty points at any retailer.

Co-founder and CEO Jonathan Silver of LRG Rewards joins The Wandering Aramean Seth Miller to talk about the company’s customer pipeline and their aggressive mobile strategy (LRG Rewards Dash) that includes very innovative hardware development.

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