Hyperlink loyalty equals one thing…conversion

klck.it is based on the patent-pending Link Loyalty platform – the world’s first reward program to use shortened URLs  as point accrual channels. Now anyone with a website can embed loyalty points in a URL to any page on that site.  These URLs can then be used anywhere you would normally post links to your website: in emails, social media,  online ads, or they can even be converted into QR codes.

When customers click on ‘klck.it’ links they will be taken to the publisher’s website and presented with an alert so they can  instantly claim their points. Once the customer earns their initial points for clicking-through, they can continue to  earn points by sharing the page they landed on. The concept uses the basic principles of gamification and combines that with an engaging customer rewards program.

A World of Rewards to Choose from

Users earn points based on the value assigned to each hyperlink generated by publishers. klck.it offers an attractive rewards suite featuring Amazon gift cards starting at only $2 in face value which equates to 200 points or an average of 10 clicks per user based on klck.it’s beta test models.

A free version of klck.it will be released soon that will allow publishers to associate a giveaway of their choice or a discount coupon with a hyperlink. This is an efficient way of driving marketing incentives that can be simply delivered anywhere you can post a hyperlink.

New Link Loyalty platform makes hyperlinks more attractive

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