Departure from Ft. Lauderdale – Timelapse

I decided to check out one of FLL’s spotting locations on top of the Hibiscus parking garage. An ideal perch to capturing timelapses of airport activity and downtown Ft. Lauderdale in the distance. Flights that day were departing on runway 9L with unlimited visibility. This sequence is actually a single timelapse shot on the Canon 7D (16-35L). Due to the 5K acquisition I was able to show the lower thirds and upper thirds separately making them appear as different shots. The takeoff of the Delta 757 was captured on a C100 (70-200L II IS).

About The Author
- Roger is an internationally recognized expert on airline loyalty, alliances and ancillary revenues. He commands a consulting portfolio of top airlines and Forture 500 companies. Roger is also a professional photographer and cinematographer and works as a photojournalist for LoadFactor TV.